Scotland will bask in glorious sunshine this week as temperatures soar to a balmy 22C in some parts of the country.

Glasgow in particular will enjoy weather warmer than the likes of Ibiza and Barcelona, with Wednesday predicted to be the hottest day of the week.

Edinburgh will also enjoy long spells of sunshine throughout the week, with temperatures reaching a high of 21C on Tuesday, although there will be light to moderate winds.

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Craig Snell of the Met Office said:”If you are lucky enough to have the week off, Scotland is going to be warm and very sunny this week.

“It’s a huge improvement on what we have had in May so far and will make places in England seem distinctly chilly.”

He added: "It is looking like a good chunk of Scotland will see temperatures increase day-on-day this week.

"The sunshine we are seeing today is what we can expect through to the latter part of the week.

"Even eastern coastal spots which would normally feel a bit cooler will share in the higher temperatures.

"It’s going to be a nice spell of weather, typical of what May normally produces in Scotland."

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Weather experts have also issued a "high risk sunburn" warning to Scots, with high UV levels predicted across the country.

“Of course, it always comes with its hazards. We expect pollen levels to be high to moderate, which is bad news for sufferers of hay fever.

“And UV levels are going to be high as well, so people should take sensible precautions in the sunshine.”

The high temperatures and warm sunshine will fade out towards the end of the week however, with light cloud, drizzle and lows of 9C forecast for the weekend.