Aldi has invoked the wrath of Scots across the nation - for claiming to have created square-shaped sausages.

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Lorne – a Scottish breakfast staple for generations – appears to have been rebranded by the discount supermarket chain as “Sausedge”.

It claims, via a news article, that the “patty-shaped pork has been designed to fit perfectly into sandwiches,” adding that it “allows hungry customers to throw together a butty without spending ages cutting up bangers”.

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Aldi’s Scottish customers were quick to point out that the concept had been around for generations.

One Scot went as far as accusing Aldi of cultural appropriation.

Even rival Lidl couldn’t resist weighing in.

An Aldi spokeswoman said the sausages, costing £1.79 for 340g, would be available for a limited time only.