Scotland's biggest landowners, who lost three children in the Sri Lanka terror attacks on Easter Sunday, have thanked Scots for their condolences.

In an open letter, Anders Holch Povlsen and his wife Anne, who own more than 220,000 acres across a number of Highland estates, said "words of comfort" they had received had touched their hearts.

The Danish couple lost their children, five-year-old Alfred, Agnes, 12, and Alma, 15 in the bomb attacks which killed 253 people. Their 10 year-old daughter Astrid survived.

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"We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the condolences, sympathy and many warming thoughts we have received following the tragic loss of our three beloved and beautiful children," they wrote. "The Scottish Highlands has granted us abiding, special memories for our family. It is for this reason that the many words of comfort have fortified us and touched our hearts."

Just days before the terrorist bombings of churches and hotels in Colombo and two other Sri Lankan cities, the Povlsens had published a blog post expressing hope that their children would take on the "rewilding" project taking shape on their estates, which Mr Povlsen has suggested could take 200 years. He aims to return the properties to a more natural state, reversing the damage caused by human intervention.

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The open letter was published as a full page advert in The Scotsman. It is headed by three As, in reference to the Povlsen children's initials and contains an image of three feathers falling. "In the immense sadness, we are genuinely grateful that we remain united withour daughter, Astrid," the letter adds.