A NEW version of Roald Dahl's classic children's book Matilda is to be published in Scots.

Itchy Coo, an imprint of Black and White Publishing, based in Edinburgh, is to publish the new version in July.

The translation of Matilda into Scots is the work of Glaswegian author, Anne Donovan, whose books have won a series of awards.

The original book has sold over 17 million copies globally and it has been successfully adapted into a musical.

The Royal Shakespeare Company’s musical version of the story has won over 85 international awards, including 16 for Best Musical – and has been seen by eight million people in over 65 cities worldwide including a recent series of performances at the Edinburgh Playhouse.

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This Itchy Coo edition of Matilda takes the total of different languages Matilda is published in to fifty.

World-wide Scots language rights were acquired by Campbell Brown, managing director of Black & White Publishing.

Matilda in Scots follows the translated publications of other Dahl titles including Chairlie & the Chocolate Works, Geordie’s Mingin Medicine and The Eejits, as well as other popular books including Diary o a Wimpy Wean and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stane.

Extract from Matilda in Scots: Bruce Dubskelper and the Cake:

‘This eejit,’ gollered the Heidie, pointin her ridin-crop at him like a rapier, ‘this knurl, this beelin blype, this pizenous plouk that ye see afore ye, is nane ither than a feechie creeminal, a keelie, a lowse bangster fae the Mafia!’

‘Whit, me?’ Bruce Dubskelper said, lookin richt conflummixt.

‘A reiver!' the Trunchbull skraiched. 'A minker! A crackraip! A pirate! A kithan! A snaffler!’

‘Haud on,’ the laddie said. ‘That’s a bit ower the tap, Miss Trunchbull.’

‘Dae ye deny it, ya ugsome hotterel! Ur ye pleadin no guilty?’

‘Ah dinnae ken whit ye’re on aboot,’ the laddie said, mair bumbaized than ever.