MOST respondents to a Holyrood survey have backed plans for a new parking tax - although the idea was opposed four-to-one by businesses.

The online poll on empowering councils to set a workplace parking levy (WPL) received 4598 responses in ten days, 4491 from individuals, and 50 from businesses.

The plan, part of the SNP’s deal with the Greens to pass the 2019-20 budget, is opposed by the Tories, LibDems and Labour.

The survey was run by Holyrood’s connectivity committee, which is examining the WPL.

Among individual respondents, 58.9% supported a WPL and 41.1% were opposed.

However only 20% of businesses backed the idea, with 80% opposed.

Under the WPL plan, councils will be able to charge businesses for their parking bays to help cut congestion and pollution.

Nottingham is the only council in the UK to set a WPL, charging employers with 10 or more spaces £415 a year to licence each one, or £500 if they pass on the cost to the staff.

The survey analysis stressed respondents were self-selecting and the results were “unlikely” to reflect opinions across Scotland as a whole.

But Green MSP John Finnie, who is promoting the scheme, said: “It’s great to see huge support for my workplace parking levy amendment. Giving councils this power has enormous potential to improve air quality and cut carbon emissions in our biggest cities.

“In Nottingham the scheme has raised millions of pounds, which has directly led to greater investment in public transport. It’s extremely disappointing to see the Lib Dems, Tories and Labour claim to recognise there’s a climate emergency while refusing to support a demonstrably effective and popular environmental policy.”