Bus stop

BUS company First Glasgow has announced that it will be putting three of their buses out on the road in the classic paint liveries of Glasgow Corporation in the sixties, Glasgow PTE in the seventies and Strathclyde Buses in the eighties to mark the 125th anniversary of public transport in the city. By memory we reckon that will be green and yellow, white green and yellow, and orange. Our favourite Glasgow Corpy bus story is the one the late, great Chic Murray told: that when he was a schoolboy he was on the top deck of a Corpy bus with his father when the bus performed an abrupt emergency stop. Passengers were thrown forwards, and Chic recalled: "I was uninjured, but fortunately my father had the presence of mind to throw me down the stairs."

A bit Kranky

A LOT of buzz about Kilmarnock manager Steve Clarke being made the new Scotland manager. Trying to find a new angle on the story the BBC even reported that Line of Duty actor Martin Compston thought it was a good appointment. This proved too much for Irish bookies Paddy Power who declared on social media: "Well, that's me convinced. If the Krankies and the woman who shouted 'disgusting!' at her daughters for not flushing the toilet also give Clarke their support, then I'm backing Scotland for the Euros."


GOOD to see that model rail enthusiast Sir Rod Stewart is to donate £10,000 to Market Deeping Model Railway Club which had its exhibition in a hall in Lincolnshire trashed by vandals. It was perhaps inevitable that a Diary reader contacted us to say: "I bet they were chuffed."

Game on

OH we do enjoy the occasional spat on social media. Breakfast telly presenter Piers Morgan declared: "I don't care what happened in the Game of Thrones finale because I've never watched a second of this fantastical over-hyped garbage and never will." Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh from Leith couldn't resist replying: "Never watched a second of it, yet knows it’s over-hyped garbage. There’s very little you can do with such a moron in the modern world other than give them a mainstream media platform to talk utter s**** and then deem them ‘provocative’ or ‘controversial'." This was too much for Morgan who replied: "I’ve never met you... but know you’re an offensive little berk."

Irvine replied: "You’re wrong again. I’m 6ft 2, so offensive big berk, if you please." Game to Irvine we reckon.


SAD to see that that Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurants, including the one in Glasgow's George Square, could be going into administration. We always liked the richness of language used by the Tory leader on Bradford Council who disliked Jamie for calling for healthier school meals by accusing him of "nannying fussbucketry" before adding: "It's true that there are too many morbidly obese people but hectoring kids with green peppers isn't going to change this one jot."

Racing certainty

THE other sad news yesterday was the death of former World Champion racing driver Niki Lauda, whose duels with James Hunt were legendary. The story about Niki getting into racing was that his family had sent him to college where he wasn't faring well. In the end he took home a college diploma from a girlfriend on which he had printed his name over his girlfriend's and flashed it towards his mum and dad without letting them actually hold it. His delighted dad wrote him a cheque as a reward for passing his college exam, and Niki promptly went out and bought a car with it.

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