On Thursday, the UK heads to the polls to decide who to send to the European Parliament

All the candidates have been confirmed across Scotland with all the major parties putting forward a number of potential MEPs.

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Voting intentions according to the latest polls has four of the six Scottish seats going to pro-Scottish-independence parties with the SNP projected to take 3 seats, the Greens one, Scottish Labour one, and the last seat going to the Brexit Party.

But with the vote tomorrow, we take a look at what the major parties stand for and where they stand in regards to leaving the European Union. 

The last Yougov poll had voting intentions as:

SNP: 38%

Brexit Party: 20%

Green: 11%

Labour: 10%

Conservatives 10%

Lib Dem: 7%

UKIP: 2%

Change UK: 2%

Other: 1%

Here is everything you need to know about the candidates in the parties standing for EU 


The SNP are standing on a stop-Brexit platform with the party suggesting a deal that would see the UK retain a single market membership. Throughout the Brexit process, the SNP have continually voted against Brexit, suggesting and backing the People's Vote. They have stated that they are the party to send a clear message to Westminster and try and stop Brexit. 


The Conservatives never wanted these elections to happen, and it shows with the party having no formal manifesto. This is due to the fact that they believed that a deal to leave the EU would already be done. Theresa May brought a number of Brexit deals through with her initial plan being to have formalised Brexit by the May cutoff. 

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Labour has stated in their manifesto that they would aim to hold a second referendum on Brexit, with Richard Leonard and Jeremy Corbyn insisting that they are the party to prevent the UK from leaving the EU. Labour backed a public vote on the future on any Brexit deal brought forward by Theresa May, but it is unknown if they will do the same if they were in power. The party's manifesto says "Labour backs the option of a public vote" on the PM's deal.


The Liberal Democrats will go into the EU full of confidence at a UK level following the success of their local election showing down South. They have continually voted against the Conservative Government over Brexit. Across the UK, the party has 70 candidates for election in Europe, with the LibDems being strongly against Brexit. The party have backed a second referendum on whether or not Brexit should go ahead. 


The Greens have also backed a second referendum but have also listed a host of other reasons to back them in their manifesto. They plan to seek reform on issues such as public transport, the Common Agricultural Policy and, of course, climate change. 

The Brexit Party 

The Brexit Party has listed a number of candidates across the UK and looks set to gain the largest share of the votes in the UK, even securing a seat in Scotland.  During campaigning, Nigel Farage vowed to "put the fear of God" into MPs who he accused of obstructing Brexit and betraying the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU. Unsurprisingly, this party is pro-Brexit, even if it means leaving with no deal. 

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Change UK - The Independent Group 

Part of the Brexit saga has been the creation of a breakaway group, Change UK has been rocked by a number of candidate sagas, with two in Scotland being forced to step down from running. The group wants a new referendum to be held on Brexit - a so-called "People's Vote"


Perhaps unsurprisingly, UKIP wants the UK to fully leave the EU and is against a second referendum.