Voters in Scotland have cast their votes in the European elections with thousands casting their vote.

While the voting was marred by reports that many EU citizens across the country being told they could not vote due of a failure by local councils to register them in time, the results will be carefully analysed as an insight into the mood in Scotland and across the UK. 

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And it is fair to say that the vote in Scotland is likely to be split between pro-Brexit, pro-Union, pro-EU, and pro-independence parties. 

While much of the UK will declare their results late on Sunday and in the early hours of Monday morning, Scotland is different. While some results will trickle out from Scotland, the full result will not be known until Monday because they don't count votes on the Sabbath in the Western Isles.

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The official result is not due to be announced until late morning, but local results will give a sense of how the parties are performing.

The last time EU elections were held in Scotland, in 2014, the SNP and Labour won 2 seats each, with the Conservatives and UKIP also winning one seat.