Ruth Davidson has paid tribute to Theresa May after the Prime Minister announced that she will be stepping down on June 7th.

Mrs May will stay on in a caretaker capacity until the end of the process, which could be completed by the end of July.

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Speaking outside Number 10, her voice cracking and close to tears, Mrs May said she had tried her best to get her Brexit deal through parliament but had failed.

She said she deeply regretted her failure, and stressed the need for her successor to find “consensus” and “compromise”, a clear sign she does not want a No Deal Brexit.

Ruth Davidson was one of the first to pay tribute to Theresa May. In a statement, the Scottish Conservative leader said: “The Prime Minister has always put country before party and, by announcing her resignation and setting out a plan for an orderly departure, she has shown that commitment again today.

“Theresa May knew when she took on the job of Prime Minister that the challenges facing our country were unprecedented.

“Her time in office has been characterised by the hard work, resilience, quiet dignity and attention to detail for which she is known.

“Above all, by opposing the SNP’s call for an immediate second independence referendum in 2017, the Prime Minister demonstrated her resolute commitment to the Union, and to Scotland’s place in it.

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“As Britain’s second female Prime Minister, she has been a role model for girls and women across the United Kingdom, showing that there is no glass ceiling to their ambitions.

“On behalf of everyone in the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party I would like to thank her for her years of service as an MP, party chairman, Secretary of State, and Prime Minister.

“The party will now elect a new leader over the coming weeks.

“As leader of the Scottish Conservatives, I want to see candidates show that same level of commitment to Scotland's place in the Union, an ability to advance our interests at home and abroad and, crucially, demonstrate how they intend to bring our country back together after the divisions sown by two constitutional referenda.”