The former Catalan President, Carles Puigdemont has been denied access to the European Parliament following his election as an MEP. 

The nationalist politician claimed that the Parliament's secretary-general had refused his access to the European Parliament. 

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Puigdemont was elected during the European Elections alongside former Catalan minister Toni Comin. 


Speaking to Politico, a parliament spokeswoman said that the European Parliament can only issue accreditations to MEPs "when they receive the national lists" with the names of those who have been elected, although the Parliament can choose to issue temporary passes for new MEPs "to ease contacts or go to group meetings."

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The spokeswoman added that the chamber "didn't get the lists from the Spanish authorities" and had "decided not to give him a temporary pass before having received those."

Despite this, another Spanish MEP had been given access to the European Parliament with José Ramón Bauzá MEP tweeting a picture of his ID badge with the caption: "Thrilled after my first day in the European Parliament as MEP." 

Spain had attempted to take legal action from Puigdemont standing as an MEP, as he was living in Belgium, not Spain, however, a Spanish court ruled that members of the Catalan Government could run as MEPs.