Senior MEPs have written to the European Parliament president demanding clarification over the decision to deny access to the three newly elected Catalan MEPs.

Sylvie Guillaume and Pavel Telička, both Vice-presidents of the European Parliament, have written to President Tajani, to seek clarification over the decision to ban the Catalan MEPs access to Parliament. 

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Carles Puigdemont, former president of Catalonia, Toni Comin, and Oriol Junqueras, were elected the 26th of May to represent Catalonia in the European Parliament.

Junqueras is currently in jail following last year’s Catalan referendum. 

The European Parliament had faced significant criticism for not allowing the three MEPs to take their sits following the EU elections.


Czech MEP, Pavel Telicka tweeted: "I have written to @EP_President to ask him who and why took the decision not to provide access to the three newly elected Catalan MEPs, who have ran in the elections also subject to a court ruling in Spain."

A parliament spokeswoman had previously said that the European Parliament can only issue accreditations to MEPs "when they receive the national lists" However a number of other Spanish MEPs have since been given access to the European Parliament. 

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Only the Catalan MEPs are still to obtain their accreditations. 

The Spanish parties are trying to force Puigdemont and Comin to go to Madrid however, there are fears the newly elected Catalan MEPs could face imprisonment if they return.