CLIMATE activists have warned they are gearing up for disruptive action and possible arrests as they continue to camp outside Holyrood surrounded by a large police presence.

Extinction Rebellion protesters have pitched tents and erected marquees in the shadow of Edinburgh’s Salisbury Crags, just yards from the entrance to the Scottish Parliament.

It comes as they try to persuade politicians to toughen up legislation aimed at fighting climate change, amid claims the current plans will not prevent ecological catastrophe.

Mounted police, six police vans and a police helicopter have all been spotted near Holyrood overseeing the camp.

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Sam, 21, an activist at the site, said Scotland's target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045 is "too late".

He said: “It’s often claimed by the Scottish Government that they are world leaders, and that’s to some extent true.

“This is a somewhat radical climate bill given the current state of inaction in the world, but it still doesn’t go far enough.”

Sam, who declined to give his last name, said protesters planned non-violent disruptive action and were preparing for “potentially some arrests”.

He said: “We are also looking at a situation where 30 years of nice, friendly, quiet activism – marches and the like – have been ignored by those in power.

“Now is the time when it’s too urgent not to take this direct action. And the thing you find with the direct action that we do, when you speak to people about it, is that they support it in the past, but they don’t support it now.

“They will support it for the suffragette movement, they’ll support it for the movement led by Gandhi in India, and they’ll support it for the civil rights movements – but not for fighting climate change now.”

However, he said campers wanted to be respectful of the police and parliament, as well as the surrounding environment. They will be on site until Thursday, June 20.

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A programme board at the camp said “disruptive actions in Edinburgh” will take place from 2pm to 7pm today.

It also includes details of yoga and meditation sessions, with activists starting the day at 6.30am with a “blessing ritual” on the Crags.

Earlier this month, Extinction Rebellion activists chained themselves to the front of the Scottish Parliament to demand extra measures in the Climate Change Bill.

Holyrood bosses have tightened security to prepare for disruptive behaviour from activists.