A FIFTEEN year old girl from Glasgow delivered a withering verdict on the five men who want to be the next UK Prime Minister during a live TV debate.

Erin asked for a commitment to zero carbon emissions by 2025 to secure the future of the planet for her generation.

None of the five agreed but said the environment was a priority.

Erin told them “None of you have impressed me in the way I would have wanted.”

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The teenager was the surprise highlight of the debate, with Twitter raving about her contribution. 

The five remaining Tory leadership contenders clashed on the live TV debate over Brexit and tax.

All five ignored a question form Chair, Emily Maitlis, if they agreed welfare cuts has led to an increase in poverty and demand for food banks.

None of the five said they would call a General Election if they become Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove, Sajid Javid and Rory Stewart took part in the first TV debate with all remaining contenders after Boris Johnson failed to take part in a Channel Four debate on Sunday.

On tax cuts, Boris Johnson said he wants to help the poorest, but that there needs to be action on the higher rate of tax.

Jeremy Hunt wanted to see no tax or National Insurance paid on the first £1000 of earnings every month.

Michael Gove said he went into politics to help the poorest in society.

Sajid Javid said that "tax cuts can lead to more revenue".

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While Rory Stewart said that Britain "can’t afford tax cuts when money needs to be spent on public services instead".

He said if you cut taxes you have less money to spend.

On Brexit, Mr Johnson said we must leave the EU n the 31st of October and be prepared to leave with no deal or “or suffer catastrophic loss of confidence in democratic politics.”

Mr Hunt said that if we are “nearly there” with a deal we should take more time.

He was echoed by Mr Gove who said he was the only candidate who always wanted to leave the EU but also said if we need “extra time” to get a deal done we should take it. But should leave this year.

Mr Javid said that no deal has to be an option but the deadline of October 31st in necessary to focus minds.

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Mr Stewart was the only one to rule out no deal. He said that Parliament will not permit it and said the EU will not re negotiate a deal so the only option to leave is to agree the deal that has been negotiated already.