Striker Erin Cuthbert kissed a very special picture when she scored what many thought would be the winner in the Scotland 's vital World Cup clash with Argentina.

She took a picture of herself as a child outside Ibrox with a Rangers tracksuit on after she scored Scotland third goal in the match which if won would have taken the women through to the last 16.

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But in a heartbreaking end to the game, Scotland manage to draw the match having been three goals up with a hotly disputed retaken penalty awarded by the video assistant referee in injury time. Scotland's goalkeeper Lee Alexander had both feet of the line as she pulled off that save - and the rules state that you have to have one on the line.


In her BBC Sport column Ms Cuthbert explained the importance of the picture.

She said: "My dad was helping me load up my bags in the car and it felt like I was moving out again. He said 'don't leave without saying goodbye' and disappeared back into the house, which I thought was strange.

"Then he came out and gave me this wee picture, maybe about the size of a bank card, of me when I was a kid outside Ibrox with a Rangers 'trackie' on.

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"He said to me, 'I know how much you say you do it for us, but you have to do it for yourself' and he had written on the back of this picture 'Do it for this wee girl who had a dream and practised and practised until it came true'."