Boris Johnson has declined to discuss in detail the late-night quarrel at his home, saying it was “simply unfair” to “drag” his loved ones into the political arena.

The Conservative leader front-runner denied all knowledge of where the picture had come from, refusing to answer a question four times. 

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In the full interview on LBC, Johnson also refused 26 times to answer a question about when the picture of him with girlfriend Carrie Symonds was taken.

Nick Ferrari suggested the picture was old - judging by his haircut at the time - and asked again and again when the picture was taken.

He was asked "Are you telling me that as a journalist, the private life of a future is not of interest?" with the MP replying  "Of course it is of interest. I understand that. Newspapers and other media outlets are going to want to print and speculate about what they choose.

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"The difficulty is that the minute you say one thing, you are bringing your loved ones into the public domain in a way that is not fair."