IT is the time of the year when football clubs release their new shirts for sale to fans in advance of a new season.

This year Celtic appear to have taken things a step further - by producing a Celtic top - with a twist of traditional Scottish fashion. They call it a Kiltee.

For £25 you can buy a Hoops top and kilt combo from the club's online store.

The site reads: "Is it a Kilt? Is it a T-shirt? No, It's a Kiltee."


"Introducing the Celtic Kiltee, available in adult sizes, perfect for showing your support and adding a touch of Scottish tradition!"

The kilt is essentially an extra-long shirt, with the kilt attached at the bottom and can be tucked inside clothing. But it can be pulled out to give a definite Scottish flavour to a Celtic' fan's support.

It has not gone down well with some.

The Sportsbible blog described it as "absolutely one of the worst things a football team has produced for its fans to buy".

The producers of Kiltee described it as a "unique and original item designed to have both a t-shirt and a kilt on a single garment, making it a fantastic novelty product for Scottish occasions of every kind".