Water and soil testing is to be carried out at a school campus hit by a health scare.

The Scottish Government said samples would be taken as part of a review of safety at St Ambrose and Buchanan high school campus in Coatbridge - which was built on a former landfill site.

Scottish Water will lead checks on the water supply while the Scottish Environment Protection Agency will advise on wider environmental assessments.

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That will include checks on the integrity of a methane membrane installed as a safety measure when the campus was built.

The work follows a recommendation by the independent review team appointed by the Deputy First Minister John Swinney.

The team is looking at specific health and safety concerns as well as the history, construction and maintenance of the school campus.

The results of the tests will be published as part of the report due ahead of the school opening on 12 August.

The independent review team has met with officials at North Lanarkshire Council and NHS Lanarkshire as well as parents, pupils, staff and unions.

It is expected to report to the Deputy First Minister ahead of the school opening on 12 August .

There are no plans for testing of children or teachers, but the government said decisions on medical testing would be based on a clinical assessment of the symptoms and signs of an individual.

"There is no prohibition of testing of patients where it is deemed clinically necessary," said a spokesman.

Since the 2012 opening of Buchanan High and St Ambrose High in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, four former or current teachers have all been treated for bladder cancer.

In addition, the campus has also been the subject of a drinking water scare after the supply turned blue.

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Health experts say the cancers are not linked to the school because staff were not there long enough to have contracted the disease.

They also argue safety sensors at the school would have picked up any leak of toxic materials from the landfill site.

And the council says the blue colouration was a result of water lying in copper pipes before the school opened and is not dangerous to health.

However, members of the NASUWT teaching union at Buchanan High decided to take strike action earlier this month and now staff at St Ambrose are joining them.