THERE was an inevitability about it.

When the super-thin-skinned Donald Trump tweeted the White House would no longer deal with Sir Kim Darroch, then it seemed the ambassador’s days were numbered.

Being “disinvited” to a White House dinner, having to absent himself from a meeting with Ivanka Trump to spare her the embarrassment of meeting him in the wake of her father’s wrath and then Wilbur Ross, the US Commerce Secretary, making clear he would not meet Liam Fox, the Trade Secretary, because Sir Kim would also be in the room, meant the ambassador’s role had been fatally compromised.

Downing St insisted Theresa May continued to have “full faith” in the ambassador but it was difficult to see how he could continue for much longer.

But, of course, there was a twist to the tale. When Jeremy Hunt backed the ambassador to the hilt during the live TV head-to-head, Mr Johnson’s instinct was not to follow suit but to place keeping on good terms with the US President above all else.

There is, of course, a theory the leaking of the emails was a piece of political sabotage.

This will only be reinforced after Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party, responded to Sir Kim’s resignation by commenting the ambassador had made the “right decision". And he tweeted: “Time to put in a non-Remainer who wants a trade deal with America."

Will what Labour’s Emily Thornberry condemned as Mr Johnson’s “pathetic lick-spittle response” have any bearing on the Tory leadership race? Probably not.

Most people at Westminster assume that a majority of Tory members have already cast their ballot and most of these to Mr Johnson’s favour.

No doubt, like the Prime Minister after Mr Trump took over the Oval Office, Mr Johnson will make a dash for Washington within hours of receiving the Conservative crown.

There will no doubt be a lot of laughter and shoulder-punching camaraderie on the White House lawn between the transatlantic buddies but diplomats across the world will be rolling their eyes and watching their backs and, if they haven’t already, deleting countless emails.