The parents of a two-year-old Viktoria Kaftanikaite, thought to be the youngest person in the world to undergo ‘deep brain’ surgery, are facing an anxious time after the little girl’s condition deteriorated.

The youngster travelled to London in May to undergo a life-saving procedure known as Deep Brain Simulation (DBS)  to treat uncontrolled muscular spasms caused by the incurable condition dystonia, which left her “screaming” in agony. 

Her condition has now worsened however with her parents facing an anxious wait as she recovers in Glasgow.

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She was transferred to Glasgow’s Royal Hospital for Children on June 14 and is now under the expert care of paediatric neurology experts. 

While the little girl’s operation is thought to have been successful, Viktoria is currently being treated for a possible infection in the hospital. 

Mum Patrycja Majewska, 26, who is originally from Poland, but now lives in Pollok, said: “It’s not very good. She was okay but now she is getting worse again. She is awake but it's up and down all the time.

“They are giving her antibiotics just in case she has an infection.

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“They don’t know 100 per cent that she has an infection but they are giving her antibiotics just in case.

“She came back on June 14. It’s not normal for this type of surgery. They have to find a balance between the medication so it’s hard because she’s a wee one.

“I try to be there every day for two hours but we have another daughter and we’ve just moved house so I’m having to go myself. We don’t know how long she will be in hospital.

“They say they are happy with the operation but we will see.”

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