NEW drivers could be banned from driving at night under plans designed to cut crashes among young drivers.

According to the Times newspaper, the Department of Transport is considering a night-time curfew on newly-qualified drivers as part of plans for a 'graduated' driver's licence.

It could mean drivers who have recently passed their test would be banned from driving in darkness, or require supervision.

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Graduated licence systems are already common overseas.

The plan will reportedly be unveiled on Wednesday by the UK Government, which sets the rules for driver's licences UK-wide.

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Some countries limit the restrictions to under-25s only for a limited period after they pass, but it could apply to all novice drivers regardless of age.

Graduated licences have previously been rejected for Britain over concerns about its impact on young people's ability to work.

However, drivers aged 17 to 24 also account for a quarter of road crashes despite being only 7 per cent of licence-holders.