Rangers have claimed a court order preventing them from selling replica strips would have "impaired its ability to function as a football club".

The Ibrox side face a multi-million-pound payout to Sports Direct.

A ruling was published yesterday detailing the reasons why Gers lost the most recent round of legal battles with Mike Ashley.

SDI Retail Services claimed Rangers chiefs were in breach of obligations under a deal relating to the sale of footie strips - a claim the club denied.

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However at a High Court hearing in London last week, judge Lionel Persey QC ruled in favour of SDI.

The report made reference to the possibility of Hummel kit again being banned from sales by Rangers.

But Gers claimed, in paragraph 94 of the report, that an injunction should not be granted because it would "lose significant revenues and be exposed to claims for damages from Elite [Hummel's exclusive brand partner]."

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The Ibrox outfit also claimed it would see "the club, players and fans will be unable to secure kit and products" and it would affect Gers' "ability to function as a football club".

The judge ruled that he did not believe Gers would lose significant revenues.

And the 'injunctive relief' would not interrupt kit sales for this coming season.