Hundreds are set to gather in Glasgow tonight to oppose the new Prime Minister of the UK.

A protest against the appointment of Boris Johnson following his victory in the Conservative Party leadership election is to be held at the Buchanan Steps in Glasgow on Tuesday evening. 

The event, which begins at 5pm, is being organised by pro-independence group All Under One Banner, calling for secessionists to come together to oppose Mr Johnson's impending premiership. 

Writing on a Facebook event, organisers wrote the Conservatives have 'no mandate' to rule Scotland and called for fresh support for independence. 

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The post reads: "All Under One Banner (AUOB) is calling on Independence supporters to join us at Glasgow's Buchanan steps at 5pm on Tuesday, July 23, in an act of defiance against the likely selection of bigot Boris Johnson as unelected Prime Minister and the continued undemocratic rule of Westminster

"The Tories have no mandate to rule in Scotland and we are urging people to join us to show our support for Scottish Independence and to end this rotten political union.

"This is also an opportunity to demonstrate our opposition to vicious Tory austerity, attacks on the poor and vulnerable, and their vile racist scapegoating of refugees and migrant communities.

"So join us at Glasgow's Buchanan steps this Tuesday at 5pm, All Under One Banner, to be addressed by a range of speakers from across the political spectrum of the Independence movement, to send a powerful message that Boris Johnson is NOT Welcome in Scotland, and that soon we shall win a Yes majority victory at Indyref2."

Following Mr Johnson's appointment on Tuesday, a number of Scottish politicians spoke out about the prospect of the former London Mayor running the UK. 

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Scottish Green Party co-convenor Patrick Harvie said: "The people of Scotland didn't vote for Brexit, we didn't vote for a Tory government and I'm certain that given the choice we wouldn't have voted for Boris Johnson either.

"Scotland needs a route out of Boris' Brexit Britain, and while we already have a firm mandate to hold a referendum, Johnson's elevation to the office of Prime Minister on the back of bluff and bluster is hugely concerning and reinforces the need to hold this vote urgently."

The Glasgow MSP added: "Brexit is already having a hugely detrimental impact with EU citizens in particular feeling under attack as rhetoric from the likes of Johnson and co has been relentless over the last three years.

"In the face of this utter shambles it has never been more important that Scotland retakes our place as an independent European nation."

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon took to Twitter to share her thoughts. 

She wrote: "Congratulations to Boris Johnson on his election as leader of the Conservative Party. Despite our many differences, I will do all I can to develop a way of working with him that respects and protects Scotland’s views and interests.

"However, it would be hypocritical not to be frank about the profound concerns I have at the prospect of his premiership. I am certain that the vast majority of people of Scotland would not have chosen to hand the keys of No 10 to someone with his views and track record.

"Most immediately I, the Scottish Government and the SNP will work with others to do everything we can to block his plan for a no deal Brexit - which would do catastrophic harm to Scotland.

"And I will continue to advance the preparations to give Scotland the right to choose our own future through independence, rather than having a future that we don’t want imposed on us by Boris Johnson and the Tories. That is now more important than ever."

Full information about tonight's event can be found on Facebook