THE former Labour MP Jared O'Mara's communications chief has resigned live on social media branding his boss "the most disgustingly morally bankrupt person" he has ever worked with.

Gareth Arnold, who describes himself as a "communications man", used the MP's own Twitter account to launch an attack on his boss, accusing him of not caring about his constituents.

The broadsides continued, with Mr Arnold adding: "I cannot and will not defend you and your vile, inexcusable contempt for the people who voted you in.

"My fear is that now (as I quit) the rest of the staff will leave and once again you will close your office and stop helping anyone but still take your wages until you have the decency to call a byelection.

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"Leaving constituents desperate for representation again. No matter if they are having their homes taken away, their liberaties disgraced or being deported because of your inaction. Sheffield Hallam deserves so much better than you."

He finished up by saying: "You have wasted opportunities which people dare not to even dream of. Consider this my resignation.

"Thanks, Gareth Arnold."

Mr Arnold later posted on his own Twitter feed that Mr O'Mara would need access to his phone to regain control of the social media account. 

O'Mara, the MP for Sheffield Hallam, left the Labour party last year while under investigation for homophobic and mysoginistic comments he made on social media as a younger man.

The MP, who remained as an independent, was also elleged to have called a woman and "ugly bitch" just months before his election.

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Currently facing criticism for his poor voting record at the House of Commons, the MP - who took Nick Clegg's old seat at the last election - has described himself as autistic.

He has not responded to Mr Arnold's remarks.

The Twitter thread was quick to go viral on the internet, with some describing it as the most bombshell resignation seen on social media.