NICOLA Sturgeon will today tell Boris Johnson that Brexit offers “no democracy, security or prosperity” for Scotland.

The First Minister is due to meet the new Prime Minister in Edinburgh during his first official trip north of the Border.

It comes after his government insisted it is now operating on the assumption that the UK will crash out of the EU without an agreement on October 31.

Ms Sturgeon has pledged to do everything possible to stop Brexit – and, in particular, block a no-deal exit.

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The First Minister will highlight the potential damage to Scotland’s economy, insisting it will cost 100,000 jobs, plunge the economy into recession and reduce GDP by the equivalent of £2,300 per person

HeraldScotland: Boris Johnson at Faslane. Picture; Getty Boris Johnson at Faslane. Picture; Getty

Speaking ahead of the meeting, she said: “The people of Scotland did not vote for this Tory Government, they didn’t vote for this new Prime Minister, they didn’t vote for Brexit and they certainly didn’t vote for a catastrophic no-deal Brexit which Boris Johnson is now planning for.

“Boris Johnson has formed a hard-line Tory government with one aim – to take Scotland and the UK out of the EU without a deal.

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“Scotland has been ignored throughout the Brexit process and it is now time for everyone who cares about the future of Scotland to come together to chart our own course and say to the Tories – stop driving our country towards disaster.”

Mr Johnson is also expected to have tense talks with Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson, who has warned she will never support a no-deal Brexit.