BREXIT will be good for Scotland with or without a deal, the new Scottish Secretary has insisted.

Alister Jack said the UK has a “bright and bold future” outside of the European Union, adding: “We can do trade deals and we can be optimistic about our future.”

He spoke out as Boris Johnson makes his first official trip north of the Border as Prime Minister.

Mr Johnson is expected to meet Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson for tense talks this afternoon after she said she will not support a no-deal Brexit.

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But Mr Jack – who replaced David Mundell as Scottish Secretary last week during Mr Johnson’s brutal Cabinet reshuffle – suggested Brexit will strengthen the Union.

And he said he did not accept the "scaremongering" around a no-deal exit.

Writing in the Scottish Daily Mail, he said: “We can, and will, leave the EU on October 31. That will be good for the whole of the UK, including Scotland.

“We will be able to do things in a way that works for our country, forging trade deals around the world, opening up new opportunities for Scottish businesses, taking back control of our fishing waters and delivering fair funding for our farmers.

“The Prime Minister wants us to leave with a new deal. I want us to leave with a new deal. Mr Johnson has been clear that he will work flat out to achieve a deal. But we need to accept the EU has said it is unwilling to negotiate.

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“I hope they change their mind, but we must prepare for no-deal because, come what may, we are leaving on October 31.

“We shouldn't be afraid of a no-deal Brexit and I don't accept the scaremongering around it.

“A huge amount of preparation has been done and the Prime Minister (as well as my fellow Scot and newly appointed Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Michael Gove) is ensuring we crack on with the rest.

“Crucially, the new Chancellor has said all necessary funding will be made available.

“We have a bright and bold future. We can do this. We can do trade deals and we can be optimistic about our future.”

He added: “The SNP will continue to try to use Brexit to agitate for another independence referendum.

“But we will not bend in our determination to keep the UK together, to remain a strong, prosperous Union of nations and to use Brexit to strengthen that Union.”