London North Eastern Railway (LNER) has launched its new Azuma passenger services on the prestigious East Coast route between Edinburgh and London.

The inaugural LNER Azuma service left Edinburgh Waverley at 05:40 on August 1 marking the first time new trains have been introduced along the 393-mile route connecting the Scottish and English capital cities in more than 30 years.

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The new world-class fleet will shave 20 minutes off the current journey time, helping to create more regular travel times of only four hours between Edinburgh and London with the introduction of a new timetable from 2021. 

The new Azuma trains are part of the Government’s £5.7billion Intercity Express Programme which will modernise LNER services on the key intercity route used by more than 22 million people each year.

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Azuma trains offer increased legroom in Standard Class, each seat ergonomically designed and equipped with power sockets, improved Wi-Fi and window blinds in every coach.

The Azuma fleet incorporates diesel-electric hybrid technology, meaning they can switch modes making them more resilient in the event of power disruption.