First Aberdeen is set to make it even easier to use the bus as they roll out the next phase of contactless payments with Tap & Cap.

First Aberdeen is the largest bus operator in the city with more than 176 buses and coaches carrying more than 16 million passengers across Aberdeen in the past 12 months. The company operates from its King Street bus depot and employs more than 450 staff. Thanks to a digital strategy and a change in customer demand for bus tickets, they now have more than 73% paying using cashless methods such as mTicket, Smartcard or contactless payments across our services.


Tap & Cap uses contactless payments to cap your travel charges, so you’ll never pay more than £4.40 a day or £18 per week, no matter how many journeys you make. If you’re currently paying by cash or with contactless, moving to Tap & Cap could save you money on your bus travel.

From July 28, customers will be able to use Tap & Cap on any service across the city network using their contactless payment card and the system will automatically select the cheapest on-bus fare available based on the number of journeys they make. This latest innovation will make boarding even faster as customers no longer need to ask drivers for their tickets and can pay for their bus travel with just a single tap of their contactless card.

With Tap & Cap there's no need to work out which ticket you should buy, as we work out the cheapest on-bus fare for you. The price you pay is based on the number of journeys you make and will never be more than our Day or Week ticket price. This way, if your travel plans change, you'll never pay for more travel than you need.

Your first journey of the day will cost the same price as a single ticket. For your second journey, you will be charged the difference between a single and day ticket, totalling yours fares at £4.40, our day ticket price. Any subsequent journeys made that same day will then be free as your fare is capped automatically at the Day ticket price.


We’ll also track your bus travel across 7 days and apply our weekly cap. So, when the cost of your travel reaches the price of our Week ticket, the price you pay is capped again. This would be a saving to the customer of up to £12.80 compared to normal contactless payments for 7 days travel.

Customers can travel with complete peace of mind while using Tap & Cap via the self-service portal that allows you to track your payments and see the savings for yourself offering control and visibility of your travel costs.

This new option means there is even more value for customers on board their local bus network as they only pay for the tickets they need and with over 73% currently using cashless payment methods on our buses, the vast majority of our customers are set to benefit.


Graeme Macfarlan, Commercial Director at First Aberdeen, said: “We wanted to continue with improvements across our contactless offering as Aberdeen was the quickest to adopt this popular payment method on our buses across our entire UK bus operations and so it was the obvious first choice to be upgraded to the new Tap and Cap contactless payment system, similar to the London Oyster Card offering.

“The new system guarantees that customers will always get the best value fare to suit their own travel needs based on their individual travel pattern and will make life easier for our customers by making bus more accessible than ever.”

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