It’s known as the Fair City, where Scots kings were once crowned and where its towering spires and the silvery Tay inspired Sir Walter Scott.

Now Perth can boast a new title – cheapest city in Scotland for a refreshing pint.

Research aimed at taking the guesswork out of where to find a cheap pint has revealed that Perth drinkers have the second-best beer deal in the UK.

But while they may be raising their glasses to the good news, their Edinburgh counterparts could well be crying into their beer: the capital has been named as one of the UK’s top five most expensive places for a pint.

Researchers compared prices of a pint of beer in 165 of the world’s most populated cities and found that on average UK drinkers pay £1.07 more for their amber nectar than the global average price of £2.63 per pint.

While the UK average price sits at £3.70, a pint in Perth costs just £3.07, making it the second cheapest city in the UK for a pint, just behind Preston in Lancashire where an average beer costs a mere £3.06.

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But while Perth tops the table for cheapest Scottish pint, just 40 miles away in Edinburgh drinkers are paying top-notch for their brew.

The research puts the cost of a pint there at £4.19 – just 99p less than London’s average price of £5.18 and making a night on the booze a considerably more expensive option for capital drinkers.

Meanwhile, Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen and Dundee’s pints all came up mid-table with a beer setting back residents there £3.79, £3.62, £3.60 and £3.29 respectively.

The research was carried out by personal finance comparison site using cost of living data. It shows that while a pint in Perth is significantly below the UK average price of a beer, it’s still much higher than the £2.63 global average price.

And it’s a world away from one of the cheapest pints in the world –Maputo in Mozambique, where beer is said to cost just 39p a pint. For those seeking a cheap pint, top spots include Caracas in Venezuela where a brew costs just 42p, while tourists heading to Pyongyang in North Korea can enjoy a pint for only 70p.

But while the variation in prices may have UK drinkers pondering the cost of their pint, it could be much worse: hitting the bar in Doha, Qatar, will set them back a hefty £10.30 for a pint.

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Indeed, globally there are numerous cities that will burn a large hole in your pocket. A pint in Oslo, Dubai, New York and Reykjavik will cost over £7.00, while the more daring drinker who fancies supping in Kabul in Afghanistan can indulge for £5.59.

Meanwhile, for the drinker who really wants a beer with added adventure, why not head south to Buenos Aires in Argentina, where the local ale will set you back a respectable £1.97.

Perth is joined in the top five cheapest places for a pint by Sunderland (£3.25), Liverpool and Kingston-Upon-Hull, both £3.27.

According to David Barnett, owner of the family-run Caledonian Bar in Perth’s High Street, where a pint costs £3.30 and a 35ml chaser £2.10, keeping prices affordable has helped draw in customers at a time when many pubs are in crisis.

“People don’t have the money to spend a lot on a pint,” he says. “We keep the prices down to encourage them to come in rather than buying their drink at the supermarket and staying at home.

“We’re a traditional pub, nothing fancy, so we can keep the prices down.”