All Under One Banner have arranged a rally for Scottish independence in Edinburgh on Saturday, October 5 after agreeing on a route with the council.

Marchers will gather in Holyrood Park before turning south at George IV Bridge to the Meadows. According to The National, the route will include Holyrood Park, Queens Drive, Horse Wynd, Canongate, High Street, Lawmmarket, George IV Bridge, Forrest Road, and then The Meadows.

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It comes following controversy last year which saw the event in jeopardy following a row between organisers and Historic Environment Scotland who did not want the rally to take place on the land in Holyrood Park which it controls.

AUOB faced criticism earlier this year when organisers refused to bring forward the start time of a march in Glasgow despite a formal request from the city council following advice from the emergency services.

So far this year, the group has arranged marches and rallies in Glasgow, Galashiels, Oban, Ayr, and Campbeltown with another march organised for Perth on September 7.

The group has also appealed for volunteers to help with the organisation of the Edinburgh march and rally.

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In a statement, AUOB said: “Today the 5th October march and rally has been officially approved by the authorities, so in six weeks time Scotland’s independence movement will assemble at Holyrood Park and march through the city to rally at the Meadows.”

A spokesperson for Edinburgh Council confirmed that the march was approved.