THE finances of the country’s leading anti-independence campaign have slumped to a record low as polls increasingly show voters edging towards Yes because of Brexit.

Scotland in Union had funds of just over £62,000 in the last financial year, according to newly filed annual accounts. Two years earlier it had funds of more than £310,000.

The SNP said Scotland in Union, which yesterday attacked the Scottish Government over the country's finances, was sliding into “complete irrelevance”.

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However a campaign source said the outfit was in the business of spending money, not accumulating it in a bank account.

Scotland in Union was set up in the wake of the 2014 referendum to campaign against a second vote on the constitution, and claims to have 25,000 supporters.

However its finances has rarely appeared to match its ambitions and have deteriorated sharply in recent years.

According to reports filed with Companies House, Scotland in Union Ltd ended it debut year with funds on £91,362 on 30 November 2015.

It then enjoyed a bumper income thanks to a series of high-end fundraising events among the landed gentry, and on 30 November 2016 declared funds of £313,283.

In 2016, it raised £350,000 from a lavish dinner and auction, with lots including stays in luxury African safari lodges and Alpine ski chalets.

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A few months later, it hired former Labour MSP Graeme Pearson as its first chief executive, who admitted at the time he had “never heard” of it.

He stood down in August 2017 and was replaced by former Labour MP Pamela Nash.

By St Andrews Day 2017, Scotlands in Union’s funds were down to £169,989.

The latest accounts now show it was another £100,000 poorer by 30 November 2018.

It reported cash at the bank and in hand of £65,864 offset by creditors of £4,166.

That left funds in the income and expenditure account of £62,529.

SNP MSP George Adam said: "Just like their finances, what remains of Scotland in Union is on a downwards slide into complete irrelevance.

"And it's no wonder, with polls now showing a majority of people supporting independence.

"The scare stories no longer work, and it's clear Scotland in Union have no positive ambition for Scotland than meekly accepting whatever Brexit disaster the UK ends up in."

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A spokesman for Scotland in Union said they had a record number of supporters.

He said: “We greatly appreciate all the donations we receive from those who do not want to see another divisive independence referendum and know that we are stronger together as part of the UK.

“With Nicola Sturgeon ramping up the threat of a referendum, these figures reflect the significant growth of our campaign footprint during this period, which has continued to expand in the months since then.

“We now have a record number of supporters and we’re delighted that so many people are helping us to spread the positive message about why we are better off in the UK to every part of Scotland.”