As if there's not enough conflict weighing us down this week, a bitter Twitter spat has broken out between two of America's fast-food giants.

In one corner, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen faces off against Chick-fil-A over a new chicken sandwich Popeyes' launched early August.

In response to Chick-fil-A's thinly veiled swipe at Popeyes' new menu addition, marketing execs countered a comeback that resulted in a week of viral social media debate that gripped a nation - and lead to the new sandwich selling out as the marketing gurus reaped the benefit of millions of dollars in free advertising.

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What in the heck is going on?

Americans can be forgiven for the desire to focus on things other than their increasingly fascistic-leaning regime and crime breakouts that are blighting their lands.

Fast food is a national treasure across the 50 states, so it's no great surprise that it has gotten people got all fired up.

The fried chicken purveyors Popeyes and Chick-fil-A and other fast-food brands traded barbs on Twitter, arguing about whose sandwich tasted best.

What's this about a sandwich?

Popeyes launched their first fried chicken sandwich in 47 years to the hungry masses two weeks ago and sparked a food-induced frenzy.

People queued around blocks for hours to wrap their tastebuds around the slab of crunchy fried chicken breast on brioche layered with pickles and mayonnaise.

The tasty morsel launched a thousand think pieces and memes before Popeyes announced the game was a bogey, telling the world they had all sold out.

Isn't that an awful lot of chicken sandwiches?

The fried chicken chain said in a statement that they had "aggressively forecasted" demand for the sandwich until the end of September but are on track to sell out within two weeks of the launch on August 12.

A man in Maryland tried his luck flogging the sandwich for more than £100 on Facebook, including delivery fee.

Many employees at Popeyes worked extra hours — some over 60 a week — to handle the demand. One employee said he was "working like a slave in the back" to fill sandwich orders during an 11-hour shift on Saturday while others described long hours, massive crowds, and threats from hungry, angry customers.

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How did people react?

Thumbs clacked on keyboards almost simultaneously, with people sharing their views online via the medium of memes or within the allotted Twitter characters.

Many questioned how a chicken shop could run out of chicken while others pledged their allegiance to rival fast food outlets.

No one is quite sure when the second wave of chicken sandwiches will drop with Popeyes saying they will keep their customers in the loop via their exclusive app.

So, which sandwich is the best?

Honestly, who really cares? We're sure they both have their pros and cons but it's safe to say that the battle lines have been drawn. But who's the winner really, Popeyes is certainly sitting pretty on their pile of profits following the stramash caused by the social media back and forth that spilled out onto the streets.