Opposition MPs staged a protest in the House of Commons as the ceremony to trigger the five-week suspension of Parliament descended into chaos.

Signs with “silenced” written on them were held by some Labour MPs, while shouts of "shame on you" could be heard as Government MPs left the Commons to the House of Lords for the prorogation ceremony.

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With the ceremony ongoing in the Lords, a sing-off emerged in the Commons.

SNP MPs began singing Flower of Scotland and Scots Wha Hae – considered by the party to be the alternative national anthem – on the Commons benches.

Livingstone MP Hannah Bardell posted a video from the SNP benches, with the caption: "Tonight the protests from @theSNP benches came in musical form. Sometimes when things are really awful - music is the best antidote."

Labour MPs also sang the Red Flag and Jerusalem before SNP MP Gavin Newlands jokingly appealed to Conservative MPs to sing – with no response.

Ode to Joy, recognised as an EU anthem, was also hummed by some MPs.

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Speaker John Bercow was applauded by opposition MPs after he returned from the Lords.

“I feel much more at home here,” said Mr Bercow.

One MP jokingly asked if he had been offered a peerage.

Mr Bercow replied: “Who said it has been offered?”

He then invited MPs to shake his hand once prorogation had been confirmed.