SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford shared a letter he had sent to Boris Johnson demanding the immediate recall of Parliament.

The letter read: “Following today’s judgement in Scotland’s Court of Session that your advice to HM the Queen and the prorogation of Parliament is ‘unlawful’ and that the prorogation is thus ‘null and of no effect’ it is absolutely imperative that you now act to recall Parliament.

“Every day that Parliament remains suspended, you and the UK Government are shutting down democracy. The UK Government and your office of Prime Minister are not above the law. We must all abide by the rule of law.

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“Parliament has urgent business to discuss this week including the yellowhammer documents you are due to provide to the House this evening and to fail to recall parliament would be, as the courts have stated, to ‘stymie parliamentary scrutiny of the executive’.

“If Parliament continues to be frustrated, the message from 10 Downing Street to people across the UK — is that the government is above the law and that the Prime Minister can unilaterally decide our futures. That is an extremely dangerous situation.

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“I note that the UK Government intends to appeal the case next week, but that does not provide any reason for you to obstruct the right of Parliament to sit from today until the outcome of that hearing and to make our own decisions on whether or not to observe the conference recess.

“As Prime Minister you owe people across these countries a full response and explanation for your actions. The best way to deliver that explanation is to recall Parliament immediately.”