Nicola Sturgeon has backed Glasgow City Council's decision to ban six parades through the city this weekend. 

On Wednesday, the council took the decision to prohibit processions by loyalist and republican groups in the city on Saturday and Sunday. 

The decision was made after two weekends of violence, with large protests against marches across the city, and police advising against allowing the events to go ahead.

Now, Nicola Sturgeon has backed the call, saying those abusing the right to march are putting this at jeopardy for others. 

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During First Ministers' Questions in the Scottish Parliament, the Glasgow MSP was asked by fellow SNP politician John Mason about the decision. 

Mr Mason asked: "Given the problems there have been around marches in Glasgow over the last two weekends, does the First Minister agree that Glasgow City Council has made the right decision by prohibiting marches this weekend?"

In reply, Nicola Sturgeon said the council arrive at the right choice. 

The First Minister told Parliament: "Yes I do think the city council has arrived at the right decision in not giving permission for the marches that were planned for this weekend. 

"I believe, as I said last week, that the right to march is an important part of our democracy, and those who are abusing that right are putting it into jeopardy for others.

"It is also vital that the rights of the majority of law-abiding citizens are protected and given priority. 

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"So I do think that Glasgow City Council has taken the right decision. Obviously, it takes those decisions in light of the advice that it receives from police.

"I think there are longer-term questions about whether there are changes required to the law and we will continue to have that dialogue with Glasgow City Council."

Following the council's decision, loyalist groups have gathered together to organise a protest outside the city chambers on Saturday morning.