POLITICS hardly lacks colour at the moment and the Sunday shows are no exception. Today's viewing provided a paint chart of hues, some of which were garish enough to make you cry.

There was Incredible Hulk Green, named after the comic book character the Prime Minister said the UK would resemble when it broke free of the EU. “The madder Hulk gets the stronger Hulk gets and he always escaped,” he told a newspaper.

There was Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam Yellow, as in the lemon shoes Liberal Democrats leader Jo Swinson wore on Marr.

Finally there was Tickled Pink, the colour Willie Rennie turned when he spoke of Ms Swinson. Interviewed by Gordon Brewer on Sunday Politics Scotland, the Scottish Lib Dem leader said: “She’s outstanding! She’s a breath of fresh air! She’s energetic! She can leap tall buildings in a single bound!”

On that last point, I may have left the truth at home, to use one of the new additions to the political lexicon supplied by David Cameron’s memoirs, but it was in keeping with Mr Rennie’s generally sunny disposition as he stood in Bournemouth, where the party is holding its conference.

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The former PM should have been the Banquo’s ghost of the Sunday shows, there to haunt and taunt Tory ministers with his claims of Boris Johnson and Michael Gove’s “appalling” behaviour during the 2016 EU referendum campaign.

But then memoirs don’t make the splash they used to on a Sunday morning, particularly when much of the content has been hanging around since Friday night. Come yesterday, Ministers had settled on a line – basically, ignore Dave. Priti Patel’s interview on Marr typified the approach. Cameron said her behaviour as the then employment minister had shocked him most, writing: “She used every announcement, interview and speech to hammer the government on immigration, even though she was part of that government. I was stuck, though, unable to fire her, because that would make her a Brexit martyr.”

After Marr put this to Ms Patel one might have expected a smidgen of embarrassment from the Home Secretary, but not a bit of it. “Obviously the referendum has happened, we’ve all moved on, and the fact of the matter is we’re now working to deliver that referendum mandate.” Colour her not bovvered in the slightest.

Mr Cameron, Britain’s second most famous shepherd hut owner (the first being Lynda Snell in The Archers) is finding, as so many former premiers do, that the caravan of politics moves on at quite a clip.

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Sophy Ridge, on air at 08.30, had first dibs on the Hulk metaphor, with Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay finding it highly amusing. Insert Mandy Rice-Davies quote here. On the Marr paper review, Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee dismissed talk of the Hulk as the kind of thing a 12-year-old might say, which seemed rather harsh on 12-year-olds.

Toynbee was not keen in general on the interview in which the PM was pictured with partner and puppy, finding it “sentimental and disgusting”. Katy Balls of The Spectator reckoned the Hulk remark was classic Boris, throwing out a colourful phrase for everyone to talk about, thus taking attention away from his Brexit plan, or lack of it. She might be onto something there, and as soon as the media has had its fun assigning each Minister their comic book alter ego (Michael Gove The Penguin, Johnson the Joker?) I’m sure they will get on straight on to the hunt for a plan.

Jo Swinson is certainly a super heroine in Willie Rennie’s universe (see earlier tribute). She aims to figure almost as prominently in many more lives when she becomes Prime Minister. Yes, you read that correctly. You might have thought that counting chickens prematurely would have been banned in the Lib Dem rule book after that business in 1981 with David Steel telling delegates to go back to their constituencies and prepare for government. Some of us have only recently stopped sniggering at that one. Now Ms Swinson was at it again, telling Marr that if the Liberal Democrats, the “Stop Brexit party”, won a majority at the next election her government would revoke Article 50 and stop Brexit dead, despite the 2016 vote.

Would her determination to stop Brexit include the Lib Dems standing aside in Penrith and the Border, where whipless Tory MP Rory Stewart looks set to struggle? No, as he had voted for Theresa May’s Brexit plan. How about in Uxbridge, the PM’s seat? No, because second placed Labour wants Brexit to happen. The lady is for turning, but only when it suits her.

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As for propping up a Tory or Labour administration, the East Dunbartonshire MP said Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn were not fit to be prime ministers. But what if they had been replaced at the time of a General Election? That was a question for another day. Ms Swinson was not going to have anyone rain on her parade.

Nor was Mr Rennie, declaring time and again that his party was growing. “That’s the 51st time you’ve said ‘growing’” teased Brewer, bringing the interview to an end. “We are growing!” Mr Rennie chipped in. That took the number of mentions to 52, which is, spookily enough, the age Mr Rennie turns come his next birthday on September 27. Here is hoping Ms Swinson remembers to send a card.