A campaign to raise the bar for a second independence referendum by insisting any constitutional change must be backed by two-thirds of voters has sparked debate amongst our readers. 

The Herald reported today that The Scotland Matters group has lodged a petition at the Scottish Parliament on the issue. The petition, which is cited in a report to Holyrood’s constitution committee tomorrow about the Referendum Bill, says a two-thirds vote for change would avoid a disputed result.

It reads: "The narrow Brexit vote and ongoing difficulty of a British Government to negotiate and implement a settlement is an example of the problems resulting from deciding an issue on anything less than a substantial majority that gives a widely accepted mandate.

“Very few people questioned the 75/25 per cent result of the 1997 Scottish devolution referendum.” 

However, the petition has sparked much debate with supporters of another referendum claiming that such a move shows the true extent of the resurgence in independence. 

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Writing on the heraldscotland.com comments section Craig Patrick wrote: "A party with an unelected PM who last won a Scottish election in the middle of the previous century now dictating constitutional regulations, this is totalitarian."

Michael Lloyd added: "So if a majority of Scots want to regain statehood, they are to be denied by moving the goalposts."

Joyce Molloy chimed in saying: "If ever we wanted proof that unionists now comprise an undemocratic and very worried minority, this is it. No poll or petition is greater than an actual vote, yet they would try to deny us our democratic mandate."

Patricia Calder commented: "Seems like rather extraordinary lengths to go to in order to keep hold of a country that they tell us is they are subsidising."

Eric Clive said: "Changing the rules halfway through a process so as to favour one side is cheating. Nobody should sign a petition that calls for cheating."

Scott George wrote on our Facebook page: "So basically they know they'll lose so are trying to move the goalposts to keep control. Are you watching Scotland?" 

John Young added: "Panic stations for unionists by sounds of it"

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Writing on Twitter in response to our tweet, SNP strategist Ross Colquhoun tweeted: "It’s very revealing that unionists are desperately attempting to shift the goalposts on what delivers a referendum mandate and referendum win. They are running scared."

Another reader commented on Facebook writing: "I’m all for this. If two-thirds of voters support staying in the Union, that’s what we do. If not, we start the process of independence."

Stuart Hunter said: "A desperate attempt to move the goalposts and deform democracy; they'd make it 99% if they could - can we apply this pass criterion retrospectively to Brexit"

Andrew MacMillan wrote: "As I have said before the conservative unionist establishment will do anything to stop the Independence of Scotland. You can sense their fear."

However, some declared their support for the petition with Karen Freel writing: "Good. Most clubs need 2 thirds to change the constitution. Why shouldn't a country?" 

Andrew Macaulay said: "The pro-Union vote outweighs the pro-separatist vote in Holyrood - yet we suffer under a pro-separatist government. How is that democratic?"

Ken Spiers wrote: "My 55.3% was never enough in 2014. The SNP never respected my vote."

Keither Ambler wrote: "Completely agree for a two-thirds majority for an independence referendum but also for any referendum. We do not need to vote to become a little Britain outside the UK which is all we'd become if we voted for independence. There has never been a credible proposal for independence that will convince decent hardworking Scottish workers to risk their entire livelihoods for independence. We need to reject any proposal to become a little Britain"