Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson has survived a move to oust him by getting rid of his post.

The proposal was heard at the party's National Executive Committee on Friday but did not get the two-thirds majority needed to succeed.

Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson has publicly clashed with Jeremy Corbyn on a number of occasions.

He recently called for a new Brexit referendum to be held before a general election.

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The chair of the NEC ruled the motion by Momentum founder Jon Lansman’s motion out of order, but he then sought to have that decision overturned. He won the subsequent vote 17-10; but that fell just short of the two-thirds majority necessary to challenge the chair’s authority.

A fresh move will be made on Saturday at the party's conference and is expected to be successful.

If the policy is agreed, it would be recommended to Labour members as a change to party rules, which would then have to be approved by conference. Neither Watson nor Corbyn were present at the meeting.

Mr Watson, the MP for West Bromwich East, was elected to the post of deputy leader in 2015.