Ian Blackford has said that the SNP are ready to call a confidence vote calling other parties to step up and stop Boris Johnson. 

Speaking at PMQs with Dominic Raab standing in for Boris Johnson who was addressing conference, the SNP Westminster leader said that the PM was "running scared" from Parliament adding that he had only been to one PMQs since he became Prime Minister.

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He accused the Prime Minister of seeking a no-deal Brexit and going above the law. Addressing the chamber he said: "This government must be stopped. I am looking now at colleagues on Opposition benches and I urge them, we must unite, we must stop this Prime Minister by removing him from office.   

"Other parties need to step up at this moment of national crisis, preparing a vote of no confidence to ensure a Brexit extension, prevent a no-deal and call a general election. Doing nothing is not an option, we must act.

"So I ask the Foreign Secretary, will he give the Prime Minister a message from the SNP, it's not a case of if, but when, we will bring this dangerous government down."

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Responding, Dominic Raab quipped back that Ian Blackford was "He’s at risk of sounding like he’s all mouth and no trousers because he had the chance to vote for a general election and he turned it down, he had the chance to avoid no-deal and the best chance now is to back this Government in securing a good deal, good for the UK and good for all quarters of the UK, including the people of Scotland.”