HAS there ever been a royal more intent upon shooting himself in both feet, then taking a club hammer to his own toes, than Harry, Prince of Victimhood?

Yes, I can hear you shout out “What about Air Miles Andy, and his paedophile friend?” or “Prince Charles – and his arranged marriage?” Or the antics of Fergie etc. And that’s true. Our princes and princesses have often revealed themselves to be world class, insensitive, selfish dolts.

However, Prince Harry, in his latest attack against the press, has taken self-harming to a whole new level.

He and his wife Meghan Markle are suing a Sunday newspaper, claiming copyright of a letter released by the Duchess’s dad to the paper. That’s contentious, sure; does copyright lie with the owner – or the writer of the letter? But that’s not the main issue here; what we have is a royal hell-bent on bending the media to his will.

Yes, the royals have instructed briefs in the past; when confidences have been broken; members of staff have written books; sold photographs.

But as a general rule, the Royal Family do not sue newspapers because they have long accepted the quid pro quo: we give them fortunes, fabulous lifestyles and a couple of weeks at Elton’s holiday home in St Tropez every year in exchange for the right to comment upon them.

The entire British monarchy is said to be worth an estimated £71.5bn. Prince Harry lives in a cottage recently renovated by us at a cost of £2.4m.

He is worth £40m and picks up £1.6m a year. In exchange, he takes on a number of public engagements so limited a Homer Simpson wouldn’t mump his gums about.

So what’s really behind Harry’s press attack? The prince claims his wife to be “one of the latest victims of [the] British tabloid press” which apparently pumps out “relentless propaganda” that is designed to “manipulate you, the reader”. He adds: “I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces.”

This argument is all too convenient. First of all, his mother chose to dance with the media even closer than she did with John Travolta at the White House in 1985. Former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown, who wrote the Diana Chronicles, claimed that the princess would often tip off the press to her whereabouts.

And Princess Diana wasn’t killed by the media. She died because her driver was a drunk who lost control of their Mercedes and ran it into a stanchion at 100mph. Harry’s despair is tragic. But his revenge is seriously misguided.

Secondly, Harry can’t offer any proof whatsoever that the media hates his wife or has shown any racist motivations. The reality is Meghan Markle was adored by the media on arrival into the Firm, seen as a breath of fresh air, a sign that this family of free-loading chinless wonders and not-so-distant cousins had opened their gilded doors to reality.

What has happened in recent months is this bare-footed, two weans-only, godparent-secreting eco-warrior and his missus have been called out to be hypocrites for flying in gas-guzzling private jets around Europe.

What’s happened since is she has (allegedly) fallen out with most of her relatives on both sides of the pond and even the Queen.

World fame seems to have consumed her. But there is also something more invidious going on: the young royals look to be attempting to drive the media back to the pre-1960s world of Ruritarian deference, while at the same time diminishing press power.

Royal correspondent Richard Palmer has revealed that one member of the Royal Family had confidently predicted that the royal hack pack – perhaps the press in its entirety – was in its death throes and “it will all go to social media eventually”.

The Sussexes and the Cambridges may not get along but they seem united in their bid to become Instagram rulers, whereby they determine content, supply photographs when and if they choose.

Meantime, the whining from H&M is exhausting. Prince Harry said recently he found it hard to get out of bed because of the worry about the world. So worry about rhinos and polar bears, Harry. Take a lesson from the Boss and exercise some two-bar-fire-like Majesterial restraint.

And if you feel the press are so evil why not take off to live permanently in your “second home”, Africa. Or move to La La Land, buy a house next door to a Kardashian and enjoy endless pool parties?

The royals won’t, of course. They want it all ways. They want the cash and the real estate that comes with the position. And perhaps the great complainers are enjoying the attention.

But it will backfire. Get yourself some protective boots now, Harry.