If the next general election results in a hung parliament, the SNP would only support a minority Labour government in return for the power to hold another independence referendum, according to Ian Blackford MP.

The SNP's Westminster leader said his party would not countenance a formal coalition with Labour, but would be prepared to work with Jeremy Corbyn.

This would only happen if Scotland is given the power to determine when a second indyref is held, he told the BBC's Gordon Brewer.

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The SNP already has a mandate to seek a fresh vote on independence, he claimed. "If the people in a Westminster election reinforce that by voting for the SNP, he [Mr Corbyn] has to respect that it should be the Scottish Parliament that determines when a referendum is called - not a government in Westminster," Mr Blackford said.

Any deal with Mr Corbyn would be on the basis of a shared 'progressive' agenda, he said, adding that the UK Labour leader must "respect democracy". 

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard has already ruled out  a further referendum on independence, and said the next UK manifesto would see the party committed to opposing such a vote. However Mr Corbyn has said he will 'decide at the time' whether to issue the Section 30 order necessary to give the Scottish Parliament powers to hold an official referendum.

Speaking on Sunday Politics Scotland, Mr Blackford said: "Everything that was seen going on at Westminster demonstrates that the people of Scotland have got to have the right to determine their own future - that means that we have to have that Section 30 sitting in the hands of the Scottish parliament."

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Mr Blackford also said opposition parties were shaping plans to prevent a No Deal Brexit later this month. "All opposition parties including the Tory rebels - have a majority to make sure that we can dictate the agenda in parliament any day," he added.

"We've gamed out all of this and we know exactly how we can do that," he said.