The Maid of the Loch has moved a step closer to sailing once more after its engines were started, nearly 40 years after its last commercial sailing in 1981.

It comes as part of a bid to restore the paddlesteamer so it can once again sale the shores. 

In January, a bid to start the vessel ended with the winch failing with the boat breaking free from its restraints and ended up back in the water.

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John Beveridge, chairman of the LLSC, said: "It has taken us 23 years to achieve this progress, the biggest boost of which has been the successful award of the Scottish Government's Regeneration Capital Grant Fund, and other funders including The Wolfson Foundation, The Robertson Trust, Hugh Fraser Foundation and Paddle Steamer Preservation Society.

"We are thrilled to fire up the engines for the first time in nearly four decades and to celebrate the completion of our wonderful £1.1m refit.

"We are still some way from achieving our aim of her sailing again but are more determined than ever to succeed.

"Our fundraising efforts will continue, and, in the meantime, visitors can come and see the Maid in her former glory and enjoy the spectacle of seeing the ship in steam once again."