Leave.EU has issued an apology for a tweet showing a picture of Angela Merkel with the words: “We didn’t win two world wars to be pushed around by a Kraut.”

The tweet, which was part of a series of messages issued by Leave.EU yesterday came in response to reports from a “No 10 source” that Angela Merkel had insisted that Northern Ireland remains within the European Union’s customs union post-Brexit. 

Mr Johnson’s official spokesperson later refused to confirm whether this was an accurate account of the phone call between the two leaders.

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The tweet sparked outrage on social media with the co-founder of the organisation Arron Banks later saying that it “went too far”

He added: “On reflection, the point could have been made better.”


Leave.EU tweeted “We’re sorry”, alongside an emoji of a downcast face. 

The reports generated an irate response from European Council president Donald Tusk, who accused Mr Johnson of playing a “stupid blame game” risking “the future of Europe and the UK”.

Many spoke out against the organisation with Piers Morgan "Your meme isn’t meant as a joke, is grotesquely offensive, and makes you guys look like racist idiots. Is that the look you’re after?"

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Despite outcry at the time, Leave.EU jested that the criticism was due to the "permanently offended liberal blue tick brigade" 


Leave.EU has since deleted all tweets.