MIKE Russell has accused the UK government of leaving Edinburgh in the dark over its Brexit plans ahead of a cross-border meeting today.

The Brexit Secretary will chair the first Joint Ministerial Council on EU Negotiations to be held in Edinburgh with UK and Welsh ministers.

The gathering comes as relations between the UK and devolved governments hit a new low after Boris Johnson submitted his Brexit deal plans to the EU without consultation.

Mr Russell yesterday told MSPs there had been “no correspondence” between the UK and Scottish governments in advance of the proposals.

He said: “The Scottish Government has not been treated as a trusted partner. Indeed we’ve kept abreast of developments through media reports.”

He added later: “We have a Prime Minister and an administration who appear hell-bent on driving over the cliff edge of no-deal at all and any cost.

“Tory ministers made a firm commitment to seek an agreed approach with the Scottish Government and other devolved administrations to negotiations with the EU.

“They also said meetings such as today’s should oversee negotiations.

“These promises have been broken. The reality is that UK ministers have paid lip-service to any respect agenda towards the devolved governments, and gatherings like today’s cannot paper over the cracks – there is a distinction between holding meetings and engaging seriously on the basis of equal partnership.”

“In their behaviour towards EU neighbours, and towards devolved governments within the UK, the Tories are forfeiting the right to be taken seriously as negotiating partners.

“If no-deal becomes a reality, it will be Boris Johnson and his colleagues who are entirely to blame.”