Two Scottish protesters have been arrested as part of continuing demonstrations by climate actvist group Extinction Rebellion in London.

Brian Larkin and Jane Tallents, both from Midlothian, were among four people arrested at the entrance to the Ministry of Defence headquarters in Whitehall as part of a 'die in' protest on Wednesday.

The action saw dozens of activists lay down in front of the entrance steps to the building to draw attention to the military's contribution to climate change and protest about the UK's own aggravation of the serious risk of catastrophic nuclear war.

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It came just hours after 80 tonnes of equipment - ncluding tents, portable toilets and generators - used by Extinction Rebellion protesters to set up camps in the centre of the city was seized by police in an attempt to curtail the scale of the demonstrations.

Two weeks of protest action by Extinction Rebellion began on Monday, occupying 12 sites in and around Westminster.

The protesters are planning to target City Airport on Thursday, however Metropolitan Police deputy assistant commissioner Laurence Taylor said measures were in place to deal with disruption.

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He added: "We have got plans in place should they go and target the airport so that we can intervene and we can deal proactively with anybody with that intention.”

"It’s a security operation as well as a public order operation and we have a number of plans in place to ensure that will take place.”

Frontline officers across London have been put on a 12-hour shift pattern to allow colleagues to be moved to cover the protests.

Another 500 officers have been brought in from forces across England and Wales as part of the established mutual aid system for major events.

More than 600 people have been arrested during the protests – over half the number detained during similar two-week protest action in April.