DONALD Trump’s withdrawal of US troops from northern Syria, the trigger for a Turkish assault on the region’s Kurds, was “reprehensible”, Nicola Sturgeon has said.

The FM said she was “deeply concerned” by the President’s decision, which led to Turkey launching military action against the Kurds, ostensibly to tackle terrorism.

Ms Sturgeon said Mr Trump had left the Kurds, who have been pivotal in the fight against Isis, “to the mercy of whatever Turkey chooses to do”.

She said: “That is particularly reprehensible, given the sacrifices that Kurds have made in helping to defeat Isis.”

She went on: “I hope that there is a very strong response from the international community to the action that Turkey has taken - we have seen on previous occasions the consequences and implications for Kurds of Turkish action of this nature.

“I therefore hope that there is strong opposition to Turkey’s action, and that there is strong international support for Kurds as well.”

The issue was raised at FMQs by Green MSP Patrick Harvie, who urged the chamber to express “solidarity with the Kurdish people, who have been betrayed and abandoned by the US, and are now enduring an assault by Turkey, which is a NATO member”.

Thirty-three MSPs also wrote to Woody Johnson, the US Ambassador to the UK, calling for the “deeply dishonourable” troop withdrawal to be reversed.