WE are in the midst of an energy revolution, with innovations in technology meaning that within a few years our energy use could look very different to the model we have today.

The transformation has already begun, with the 14.9 million smart meters already installed in homes and microbusinesses across the country helping to create a decarbonised, flexible energy system fit for our growing demands.

With this upgraded smart energy system we will be able to make better use of renewable power through batteries within the system and minimise energy wastage, allowing us to make best use of our country’s resources.


Battery storage could also be a feature in many homes, with the electric car on your drive serving as a giant battery to store renewable energy. By installing a smart meter and a smart charge point, consumers may even be able to earn money from vehicle to grid (V2G) services.

These V2G technologies could allow millions of electric car batteries to become a vital part of the UK energy system, by enabling energy stored in EVs to supply power to the grid at times of peak demand.

As our energy system is upgraded and the integration of renewable energy becomes more efficient, the ability to store electricity in domestic batteries (or cars) could allow power generation to become a local business, which in turn removes pressure from the grid.


And there are even more future benefits for households with a smart meter, for example you will be able to purchase appliances that can talk directly to your smart meter, helping you to use electricity at the optimum time for you.

That could be when it’s cheapest or it could be when it’s most convenient, depending on your own preference.

For example, the washing machine could be turned on remotely, so the load is ready to be taken out when you get home and the dishwasher could run automatically when the cost of electricity is cheapest.

This technology would enable the energy system to meet demand and encourage people to consider the way they consume energy.

The energy revolution is underway, heralding an era of reliable, low-carbon energy and providing future generations with an energy system for the 21st century.

By upgrading to a smart meter, you’re helping build a smarter Scotland — delivering a cleaner, greener and smarter energy system better equipped for the future.

This article was paid for by SmartEnergy GB. Smart Energy GB is a government backed organisation tasked with informing Great Britain about the benefits of the smart meter rollout.