A 'significant' poll has revealed a majority of voters in Scotland say they are more likely to vote for independence in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Commissioned by Progress Scotland, the poll found Scots would back a Yes vote is the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal.

It also found 61% of voters think Brexit chaos at Westminster makes independence more likely - with 53% claiming that Brexit has changed their mind on Scotland's future.

With regards to an independent Scotland's future with the EU, 62% said it should be a full member, with 23% disagreeing.

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“This is a significant poll – and the third this weekend to show that the momentum is firmly behind independence," said Michael Russell MSP. “People in Scotland overwhelmingly oppose leaving the EU and it’s abundantly clear that views are changing on independence as voters look to escape this Brexit nightmare.

“With Westminster in chaos, and Boris Johnson in Downing Street, more and more people are ready to listen to the case for a progressive, independent Scotland within Europe.


“The SNP is heading into the first day of our conference with the wind in our sails, while momentum continues to build behind independence.

"The people of Scotland deserve the choice of a better future than the Brexit Britain being imposed on us. Be in no doubt, a referendum is just round the corner and the people of Scotland will make their voices heard.”

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It comes after a poll commissioned by the Sunday Times found support for Scottish independence had risen to 50%.

The 50% figure backing independence marks a five-point increase on the 45% Panelbase registered on average in its polls last year, which mirrored the 45% yes 55% no result of the 2014 independence referendum.