THE SNP's conference has called for the creation of a new quango to boost the use of the Scots language.

Delegates voted to explore the idea of a Scots Language Board – or "Board fir the Scots Leid" – similar to the Bòrd na Gàidhlig, which promotes Gaelic. 

They said Scots should be more widely taught, learned and promoted as part of Scottish public life, and noted the "years of linguistic prejudice" it has suffered.

SNP MSP Emma Harper said: "We need to treat the Scots language equally. We need a Board fir the Scots leid."

Another delegate, Charlotte Armitage, said Scots deserves the "status and respect that we give other indigenous languages". 

She added: "The one and a half million people who speak Scots in Scotland, including me, should not have to feel afraid when blethering awa' in their ain mither tongue."

A motion passed by the conference said it "understands that Scots is not fully recognised as an official language of Scotland, and notes the impact that this has on the ability of Scots speakers to learn or promote their native tongue".

It added: "Conference calls on the Scottish Government to support the promotion of Scots language as part of celebrating Scotland’s linguistic diversity and to undoing the years of linguistic prejudice that the language has suffered.

"Conference encourages the idea of a statutory Scots Language Board (Board fir the Scots Leid) to be explored on a similar basis as Bòrd na Gàidhlig."

HeraldScotland: The Scots language motionThe Scots language motion

A Scots translation of the motion was also provided.

It read: "The Collogue awns the importance o the Scots Leid in oor shared cultural identity, no least i the UN year o hamelt leids. 

"The Collogue unnerstauns at Scots isna fully recogneized as an offeicial leid o Scotland, an taks tent o whit this means for the abeility o Scots speakers tae laern or forder their mither tung. 

"Mairower, as Scots is at the hert o the identity o monie communities the lenth o Scotland, it shuid be mair widely laernt an fordert as airt an pairt o Scotland’s public life.

"The Collogue caws on the Scottish Guivernment tae gie a heize tae the Scots Leid as pairt o a celebration o Scotland’s rowth o leids, an tae undae the linguistic ill-wull at the tung haes hed tae dree.

"The Collogue encuirages a Board fir the Scots Leid tae be explored on a like basis tae Bòrd na Gàidhlig."