SCOTLAND will not accept a Westminster veto on its right to hold a second independence referendum, the SNP's depute leader has said. 

Keith Brown told the party's conference in Aberdeen that it is not seeking permission for a referendum, but agreement. 

However, he said a legal referendum was the only route to independence, making him the latest senior figure to warn against any "Plan B". 

He said: "We know a majority of the Scottish Parliament supports independence, and there's been much discussion about Section 30 orders and Plan Bs and so on. 

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"Just to be absolutely clear: we're not seeking permission for a referendum. We're seeking agreement for a referendum.

"And the reason we're doing that is not to please London, Westminster however you want to term it – it's because we want to have a fair, clear choice for the people of Scotland. 

"One that's respected in Scotland by both sides, one that's respected in London and one that's respected internationally. 

"That's why we have to have the gold-standard of a very clear referendum. 

"But I have to say, we also have to be absolutely clear that Scotland will not accept a Westminster veto on Scotland's right to choose."

Mr Brown's comments came after SNP rebels failed to secure a conference debate on an alternative route to independence if Downing Street rebuffs any Section 30 request. 

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Nicola Sturgeon has said she will ask Boris Johnson for the power to hold another referendum in the coming weeks. 

The First Minister has not ruled out taking legal action if her request is rejected. 

Elsewhere, Mr Brown said he hoped a future independence referendum did not involve the "voter suppression initiatives being offered by the UK Government". 

UK ministers have outlined plans to require people to bring photographic proof of identity when they go to cast their ballot.