Labour MP Louise Ellman has announced she is leaving the party because she "can no longer advocate voting Labour when it risks Corbyn becoming PM".

Ms Ellman, who represents a constituency in Liverpool, has been a member of the party for 55 years.

In a tweet she said it had been an "agonising decision", but that she intends to continue to serve the people of Liverpool Riverside.

Ms Ellman, who is Jewish, also posted her resignation letter which stated that she believes Mr Corbyn “is not fit to serve as our Prime Minister”. 

She said: “Under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, antisemitism has become mainstream in the Labour Party. Jewish members have been bullied, abused and driven out.

"Antisemites have felt comfortable and vile conspiracy theories have been propagated.”

She said she feared if Mr Corbyn became PM, his “seeming tolerance of antisemitism would embolden racists, poison our public debate and damage the social cohesion of our country”. 

A BBC Panorama programme in July reporting claims of anti-Jewish bias from former party members, Jewish former Labour MP Luciana Berger quit the party in February citing antisemitism. 

Mr Corbyn has insisted party members engaged in antisemitism faced withdrawal of membership or expulsion.